Amalga, Cache County

Landscape with pools and the Bear River
The Landscape of Amalga With Pools and the Bear River

Amalga is a farming community that once was part of a large sugar enterprise.

First settled in 1869 by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints pioneer Hans Jorgensen, by 1891 other pioneer settlers had joined him and the Church organized a branch. In 1916 the Amalgamated Sugar Company built a sugar processing plant here along with worker housing and a hotel. A railroad line was also brought in for the plant. The town named itself Amalga, after the sugar company. In 1929, due to a sugar beet blight, Amalgamated closed its plant, moved all of the equipment to Sacramento, California, tore down the hotel and worker living quarters, and removed the railroad tracks. It moved its sugar operations to nearby Lewiston, Utah. Amalga was incorporated in 1938. There is no fuel, food, or lodging available in Amalga.

Founded: 1869
Named After: former biggest employer Amalgamated Sugar
Location: about 11 mi/18 km north and slightly west of Logan, Utah, 91 mi/148 km north of Salt Lake City, Utah, just off Utah highway 218
Population: 577
Elevation: 4439 ft/1353 m
Official Utah Highway Map Coordinates: B-4
Latitude/Longitude: 41.86361 -111.89305

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