Faust, Tooele County

Entering Faust from the east
The View of Faust Looking West Near Utah Highway 36

Faust is essentially a ghost town in the west desert.

Faust was settled sometime before 1860 by Heinrich (Henry) Jacob Faust, a German immigrant and pioneer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He ran Faust as a Pony Express station, 1860-1861. Henry moved to Salt Lake City with his wife in 1870. Later, the Union Pacific Railroad used Faust to house railroad workers. Nothing of the original structures remain, but there is a small number of operating ranches there. There is no fuel, food, or lodging available in Faust.

Founded: before 1860
Named After: Heinrich (Henry) Jacob Faust
Location: at the edge of the west desert near the beginning of a remaining original section of the Pony Express trail on or near the intersection of Utah Highway 36 and Utah Highway 73, 63 mi/102 km southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah
Altitude: 5256 ft/1602 m
Official Utah Highway Map Coordinates: E-4
Latitude/Longitude: 40.18416667 -112.3919444

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