Gold Hill, Tooele County

Gold Hill is (almost) a ghost town in the Utah west desert.

Gold Hill became a settlement when a smelter was built there in 1871 to refine gold, which was originally discovered in 1848. Copper, silver, and lead were also mined. The mine declined until 1917 when arsenic was extracted to meet demand created by WWI. There was a period of mining resurgence during WWII, but ended thereafter. There is no fuel, food, or lodging available in Gold Hill and no paved roads in or out.

Founded: 1871
Named For: presence of gold in the nearby hills
Location: in the west desert near the Pony Express Trail, 55 mi/89 km south of Wendover, Utah and 149 mi/241 km west-southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah
Altitude: 5298 ft/1615 m
Official Utah Highway Map Coordinates: E-1
Latitude/Longitude: 40.16638889 -113.83055556

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