Goshute, Juab County

Town of Goshute
View of the Town of Goshute From the Entrance of the Goshute Tribal Lands

Goshute is the only town within the boundaries of the Goshute Tribal Lands of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation.

Goshute lies close to the former Pony Express Trail (1860-1861). There is no available fuel, food, or lodging available. While the road into and out of town is paved, most roads in the area are not.

Founded: 1851
Named For: The Goshute Tribes of Native Americans
Location: west desert of Utah in Juab County, UT near the Utah/Nevada border, 163 mi/264 km from Salt Lake City, UT
Population: 673
Altitude: 6781 ft/1884 m
Official Utah Highway Map Coordinates: F-1
Latitude/Longitude: 39.87611111 -114.00000000

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