Grouse Creek, Box Elder County

Grouse Creek Rodeo Grounds
Grouse Creek Rodeo Grounds

Grouse Creek is an oasis in the northwest corner of Utah.

Grouse Creek was founded in 1876 by Benjamin F. Cook, the first settler in the area. It was originally known as Cooksville. Owing to the location of a stream known as Grouse Creek for the large population of Grouse in the area, Cooksville was renamed. It is primarily a ranching community but is also home to the internationally known on-line school, Kinder Academy.

There are no paved roads leading in or out of Grouse Creek, although Grouse Creek Road within the town is paved. Limited lodging is available along with fuel and supplies at the⁰ Gone Country store. Pilot Mountain Road, leading to Grouse Creek, is an unpaved road not recommended for vehicles with low ground clearance. Four wheel or all wheel drive is recommended, particularly in wet weather.

Founded: 1876
Named For: Grouse Creek, creek
Location: 78 miles/126 km north of Wendover, Utah and 193 miles/313 km northwest of Salt Lake City on Pilot Mountain Road (which eventually becomes Grouse Creek Road). It is accessed from exit 4 on Interstate 80.
Population: 125
Altitude: 5331 ft/1625 m
Official Utah State Highway Map Coordinates: B-1
Latitude/Longitude: 40⁰ 48′ 19.8″ N 113⁰ 52′ 48.8″ W or 41.80551, -113.88052 decimal

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